All You Need To Know About Casino Side Bets

All You Need To Know About Casino Side Bets

Casino side bets have nothing in common with main bets, which means that if you play them and lose, your main bet will not be affected.

The main tool casinos use to ensure their profit in the long run is house edge. However, in order for ‘the house’ to win, casinos need to have a lot of players who are willing to play games with huge house edge and small winning chances. The reason why players play such games is because the payouts are insanely high and even the slightest chance of winning can often tickle their bankrolls.

Nonetheless, some players choose games with ‘normal’ winning chances. Those are games with very little risk and a much smaller house edge.

Casino side bets are optional bets you can play and they are not related to your main bet (and its outcome). If you want to earn some extra cash and boost your bankroll, casino side bets are a good way to do that – you can also use casino side bets to win huge amounts of money.

However, there is another side to it placing casino side bets. They can often be devastating for your bankroll because they tend to have really high house edge and you winning chances are very slim. This is just another way for casinos to earn additional money and it is on you whether you want to play it or not. Additionally, bear in mind that certain games have mandatory side bets so make sure you read all about the game you want to start playing.

Should You Play Casino Side Bets Or Not?

One cannot simply say that casino side bets are bad and that no player has ever won money after placing a side bet. There are players who prefer playing risky games because it brings them excitement. There are also cases when you can use casino side bets as your advantage. For example, some progressive jackpot has a side bet option and you realize that the amount is higher than the average progressive game payout, then there is a small chance that the jackpot might come out. In such cases, you can invest a little bit more and try to hit it big. In any case, whether you should play casino side bets or not is all up to you.

As we mentioned above, casinos use side bets to earn additional money and beginners (who have very little experience) often succumb to these kind of bets. Beginner lack discipline and that is why we recommend thorough researches on games and bets. For instance, if a new player starts playing Blackjack (which has a very low house edge) and notices a side bet, he or she might not think about the house edge. Casino side bets can also draw you away from your strategy, so make sure you do your reading.

Some games also feature side bets which cannot be won unless you win the main be, too. Certain poker games have several stages before the final hand, so if you make a side bet you will force yourself to play all the way betting the maximum amount for that hand. These kind of situations will do poorly for your bankroll so you should try to avoid them.

Here are several guides for those who cannot make a decision for themselves. Players with limited bankrolls should stay away from casino side bets. Also, for players who like a little excitement and enjoy making risky bets should make side bets but only if the conditions are right. ‘Right conditions’ means that the game does not imply a side bet and that your do not need to bet the maximum amount for that hand – your main bet should not be affected by the side bet.

You should also think about the percentage certain games have for side bets. If you play Blackjack and bet AU$1, then AU$1 side bet will not do very much for your bankroll. You will probably waste your dollar. But if the main bet is AU$20 or higher, AU$1 is acceptable. You just need to fine the right conditions.